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19 de noviembre de 2009

Behind the kebbab guy's yawn

I spent so long on the streets I began to forget certain traditional values

like waking up when machine told me to

or holding home as if machine was building tomorrows

Once, I almost fade to the grown becoz of the tipe of cold that frightens one

but my deepest friend warmed me up with silly jokes and stories

that were supposed to be scary, about us dying in pathetic circumstances

and I laughed so hard now I might as well give'im my song

Life aint that hard when -in one of those- you're not alone after all

I did what I could, I did what I could do, and the imposible

When I did what I wasnt supposed to be doing

I always had that funny feeling police was after me, but in the end I guess no-one noticed

and right at the middle, the middle-end I felt free, the city was mine

Id go to the public library, Id get to understand the districts, my instinct

enjoy the summer and write the winter, down below

where the floor shivers and you're allowed to smoke, no-one watches

A worn-out golden woman about to enter to the opera talking on the phone to her servant

Ive seen people humiliate themselves for money

and the rest fall-asleep on the tube dreaming theyd even had the chance

Ive seen them laugh at each other 24/7 channels enjoying the game,

you get to consider seriously trying, try to laugh, cmon just try to laugh...

But now I dont feel nothing at all except for those horses

more a less in between forgetting how to fly and finding out no-one can touch you

You can get in all the trouble in the world for your fast thinking

Those images that can be two things at a time, that one of the old witch and the lady

us hiding behind a yawn during the car accident

a child screaming as if lost-an-arm on the radio, and suddendly realizing

the meaning of a film you didnt quite catch at the moment

A slice of pizza, a cup of coffee, your name's nice

and she looked at me with eyes that could've been mine, they were mine

but I said shhh, Im not gonna fuck you back there in the bathroom, I actually like you

get your coat and lets go to some bed with some stranger, I know how to do it

she said I dont have things you can touch either, and most of what Ill say wont be important

her eyes were hers again, and that particular smile, as if controling my luck

Yes thats pretty close to where Im going, but never enough

Everybody's getting ready, they dont want to be missing anything, coz you know

caos theory: that could bring terrible consecuences

Years from now you'll say why didnt I do that, thats what I wanted

Now walls are red in my dreams, praying

you can only say you've lost when youve lost it all

and there's no reason fighting back, coz you deserve it

Who's birthday is it today, whats to celebrate?

nothing but a waste of time, I met betrayal, and poorness, and the lonesome nights

who wont give you the heart coz you're way to desperate

stuck in the city, I know its MY problem

clouds and gravity, coz ending up unhappy is eassier than you can imagine

plus the thousand things I said before, in another life

in another poem

La nana (Adrede)


Anonymous Anónimo said...

"you can only say you've lost when youve lost it all
and there's no reason fighting back, coz you deserve it"

If you really want something, fight for it.. you only loose when you dont try your best..you have the strengh to change reality through your heart

11/20/2009 11:00 a. m.

Blogger Gloria said...

que no es momento ni es lugar

11/21/2009 12:40 p. m.

Blogger la ruvia said...

just wrote ya on our "stuff".
sharing poetry makes me believe.
we do know when is a bathroom moment or love instead, even that for a second love, for tonight. nobody coz never enough; that could happen too. going back in time is something people is scare about. they just go through while body grows and voice is changing. evening. we are youth forever. i drift away pain when it doesn´t deserve it. if it does, then i very much enjoy, but not for longer, not very far. (not my sentence). THERE IS SOMEONE LOOKING FOR YOU, and probably i´m gonna introduce you guys!
wonderful, and full of wonder.

11/21/2009 8:12 p. m.


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